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Customer Feedback vs Customer Reviews

Feedback and Product reviews both add value to your business, but what’s the difference between them? Feedback is like a status report of the seller regarding the customers experience with the seller. Feedback impact the sellers chances on winning the buy box. Sellers with low enough feedback can be suspended or banned from selling on [...]

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What is Amazon Brand Registry?

One of the challenges selling on Amazon is protecting your brand and preventing your products getting counterfeited and having other sellers sell on your listing. When your listing gets hijacked by your competitors simple changes like product listing edits and image uploads become difficult. Amazon Brand Registry is an Amazon program that exists to help [...]

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Amazon FBA Basic Terminology

ASIN – Amazon Standard Identification Number – This is the identification that Amazon gives to every product listed on Amazon. Every product page on Amazon has its own ASIN. You can use this number when you are using Amazon seller tools like Inventory Lab, the FBA Calculator and more, to search for the product. No two [...]

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