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Product Title:

The product title is the first impression the customer has with the product and a big factor that Amazon’s search algorithm relies on to determine relevance. When writing the product title make sure the title is scannable, credible and is not more than 200 characters long. Don’t include claims or Sales massaging. Capitalize the first letter of each word. Use numerals (4 instead of four).

Bullet Points:

Bullet points, or simply bullets, are one of the most noticeable things on the product page. They are a concise, scannable depiction of the product’s main features and benefits. Their job is to offer a proper introduction to the product without overloading the customer with too much information right off the bat. The number of the bullets is usually around five, depending on the complexity of your product. The key to high quality bullets is providing just enough information and although Amazon allows up to 256 characters per bullet, our recommendation is to use less and avoid using multiple sentences. That way the bullets will be easy to clear and easy to read.