How Do I cancel my ...

How Do I cancel my Seller Fulfilled Prime Trail?  



Okay, I want out of my SFP Trial. I signed up 2 1/2 weeks ago. Raised all my prices by 3.00 to cover my shipping costs and my sales have declined badly (I believe due to raising my prices). I have had only 3 prime orders because I am very regional. I live in Maine so I have to keep it regional, VERY regional. Otherwise id be missing deadlines on shipping. I want out of the trial. Im loosing money. Does anyone know how to get out of this SFP trial ?

Just turn off Prime items and send them to another shipping option. Fairly simple, and should you decide in the future to offer SFP again you can just add he product(s) Back To the Prime Shipping templet

1 Answer

Switch to migrated template in shipping options. This will remove the “prime” option and may impact sales but should make shipping a lot cheaper.


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