How does selling in...

How does selling in cases work?  


  1. Our products are flagged as an “Add-on” because the price is low ($7.99)

  2. Our margins are less than desirable.

After calling up Amazon FBA support they recommended that we did the “Small and Light” program. However, after some math I noticed that this program would actually increase our per unit costs…

The only solution I can think of is selling my product in a case. The problem with this however, is that we have multiple flavors for our product & we’re developing even more. EX: So, if we offer cases of 3 jars and a customer wants 2 jars of flavor X and 1 jar of flavor Y, how do I ensure we have that variation available for them to order?

I’m assuming Amazon isn’t going to re-arrange the case for me as that would essentially be sending them individually packed items. So would I need to ship them cases of jars with a variation of different flavors in case a customer wants it? EX: I ship amazon 20 cases containing 3 jars of flavor X, 20 cases containing 3 jars of flavor Y, and make random variations with the remaining inventory I have?

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Your product should be shipped as a small standard size less than 1# for $2.41.
However, I think you’re getting charged the over 2# fee.

When you created the item(s), what did you put as the shipping dimensions? It’s probably wrong. To correct this, ask Amazon to do a cubiscan of your product. It can take up to 2 weeks (in our experience), but worth it to get the fulfillment fee correct. Some times this moves your listing to ‘inactive’.

Most under $10 items are a really hard to make any money on because of the fees. It takes money to run the website and it takes money to ship the product to the customer. To counter this, many grocery sellers make bundles or multi-packs of their products. The trick is to guess what your customers will want. Do they want a 3 pack of 1 flavor? Do they want 3 different flavors? You do market research and then try some on Amazon. Don’t send a whole pallet of one ASIN in until you’re confident it will sell through quickly.


You should stop using the word “case”. It has a very specific meaning with FBA. (It is a box of the same items, pre-packed by the manufacturer.) It is an option that you can use when sending inventory to Amazon.

Maybe offer variety / sample packs of multiple flavors, and multi-packs of each flavor. (You have to pre-package / label each variation before sending to Amazon. They will do no repackaging.)

Or, if you are having these manufactured / packaged, increase the size of the jar so you can justify increasing the price above the add-on level.


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