Counterfeit China Sellers  


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10/01/2019 3:01 am  

Amazon seller policy requires me to buy the actual unit, wait 2 months for it to arrive from China, just to verify the obvious that it’s counterfeit - meanwhile letting the sellers from China sell the counterfeit units to Amazon customers for the entire two months, leaving me helpless. I have to rinse and repeat for every single one that pops up (and they do constantly), meaning it becomes impossible to defend our intellectual property rights.

I own the trademark, am exclusive to Amazon, and can provide evidence that our sole supplier has a legal agreement where they are only allowed to distribute back to us (and us to Amazon) but seller support staff could care less, sending me the same scripted messages to buy and wait 2 whole months.

Is there ANYTHING we can do? File a legal notice with Amazon? Has anyone ever been successful? At this point there is ZERO protection of intellectual property rights by Amazon - this has to be some sort of huge legal negligence on their part right?

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01/02/2019 9:37 pm  

There is nothing you can do. If you think that these sellers steal like 10 thousands of profits from you everyday, then it might be worth to file a legal letter with Amazon. Of course make sure you have enough cash to keep it up in future. 



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