Do u keep pics of u...

Do u keep pics of ur exes?  


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10/10/2018 11:02 pm  
I was thinking about divorced ppl and the marriage photos they paid for. Do they keep them or throw them out? Do u keep pics of old bfs and gfs? I mean, those didn't cost money, so I would think it is normal to get rid of them.

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11/10/2018 12:54 am  

You should keep them! Great memory isn't it =) 

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11/10/2018 4:32 am  
Yeah, I have a whole collection of people that I married and's like a Hall of Trophies kinda thing.

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11/10/2018 6:12 pm  

I don't keep them per se (I usually do a basic scrub my social media photos that could lead people to still thinking we're together) but if there's anything else somewhere on a device I don't go out of my way to remove them or ask them to be removed.

I can see how it could be odd for a divorced couple to still keep photos of their divorcee. My parents are divorced and the only media presence of the other parent I've seen is stuff that involves the kids/family.

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12/10/2018 6:00 am  

People enter relationships for personal benefit. Because they need to feel love. Because they need companionship. Because they need sex. Because they need to portray an image of stability. Because they like the idea of 'family'. All of the above. So on and so fourth.

It's funny how fake, shallow and superficial people really are when you really think about it. When couples are together they are the best thing and is celebrated. When they break up for a variety of reasons, then the other side is an enemy for life. Maybe people should focus on why they even got into a doomed relationship in the first place. Breaking up a lot is not a good thing. In the ideal world, you should only ever date one person and then go on the live the rest of your life with them. The fact there are many breakups suggests there is something wrong with your choices to begin with.

Perhaps it's a 'bug' in the system. You like the people you like, but the people you are attracted to might also be bad for you in the long run. It's like someone who chooses to be with the jock or bad boy and love their good looks and spontaneous, adventurous, manly attitude, but then complain when they become aggressive or is flirty with other women or is abusive. Meanwhile they could have chosen a church going book worm who would have put her on a pedestal and treated her like a princess, but then they are not physically attracted to them. It's a bug. Like all those abused women who run back to their abuser, such as Rihanna etc. You love the people you love.

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31/10/2018 3:22 pm  

I usually throw them out

woo woo


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