Does Anyone Here Kn...

Does Anyone Here Know how to Remove a Curse?  


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10/01/2019 10:18 pm  

Before I start, I know some of you will laugh, or think I'm a nut job, or both. I'm ready for and expect that. Also, there's a lot of intelligent people on this forum, so by definition, most of you will dismiss the "supernatural" (for want of a better word) by definition. 

I'm not mentally ill, or on drugs. I wish it was that as it would be a lot easier to deal with. 

I won't go into details as it will just have the effect of making me sound even more crazy, so in a nutshell, I think I have been cursed. Actually, I know I have. 

So, my question is to those of you who believe in such things, how do I remove it? Have any of you had experience with this sort of thing? 

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01/02/2019 9:38 pm  

You got cursed on the day starting your FBA business



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