Contact Amazon’s Performance Team by Email

///Contact Amazon’s Performance Team by Email

Contact Amazon’s Performance Team by Email

FBA sellers need to get used to all different kinds of situations from listing suspension to account suspension. Other than contacting seller support in Seller Central, you might find it more useful to contact different departments directly by email.

CEO’s email

Problems about violating policy such as trademark or patent infringement

Notice department email from other countries







To dispute or appeal about a complain about trademark or patent infringement

Problems about sellers’ metric rating

This team might conduct a review on your account and ask for documents to prove that you and your business are legit. They also suspend your listing because of authenticity for a particular product.

Performance team emails from other countries

To apply for vendor express account

Brand appearance patent infringement

Problem about your payment.

If your account is suspended, amazon might hold your balance payment for a period of time. You contact following emails to check status.



Let’s hope we never received any emails or need to send emails to these departments =)

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