Lighting Deals vs Best Deals

///Lighting Deals vs Best Deals

Lighting Deals vs Best Deals

Lighting Deals are 4 hour expiring deals that are featured on the Amazon deals page. Your products need to qualify to be eligible for this program. You can submit Lighting deals to Amazon for a fee ranging from $150 – $500. This is great during Q4 during Black Friday & Christmas season.

Lighting Deals

To be eligible for Amazon Lightning Deals, you must be a Professional Seller with at least 5 Seller Feedback Ratings per month and an overall rating of at least 3.5-stars.

Additionally, the products up for the lighting deal must meet these criteria:

  • Have a sales history and at least a 3-star rating on Amazon
  • Include as many variations as possible
  • Prime eligible
  • New Condition

Best Deal

To be eligible for Amazon Best Deals, only approved account with managers can enroll in this program. Best deals are featured on the deals page for two weeks. Deals offered under this program have to be 20% less than the lowest price offered in the past 90 days.

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