What is Amazon Brand Registry?

///What is Amazon Brand Registry?

What is Amazon Brand Registry?

One of the challenges selling on Amazon is protecting your brand and preventing your products getting counterfeited and having other sellers sell on your listing. When your listing gets hijacked by your competitors simple changes like product listing edits and image uploads become difficult.

Amazon Brand Registry is an Amazon program that exists to help brands protect their product listings and offer additional tools to optimize those listings for success. Any brand with a registered trademark can enroll in Amazon Brand Registry.

Getting your brand onto the Brand Registry is pretty simple. You need to provide Amazon with your trademark registration information for your brand and the categories your products fall in. They will ask for more supporting information such as brand website and where you’re products are produced and sold. After submitting your information, the Amazon team will send a verification code to your lawyer (the contact on the trademark) and you will have to get the code from your lawyer to verify your brand on amazon.

Brands that sell through sellers on Amazon can distribute their products and have them sold on their brands behalf through this program. This prevents other re-sellers (such as those you sold as a discount for a review ;)) and unauthorized re sellers from selling your products.

By Registering your brand with Amazon, product data with the registered account would take precedence over any other changes made by other sellers.

Registering on Amazon’s Brand Registry also give your products in your brand access to Enhanced Brand Content to their listings, offering more opportunities to customers to learn more about your products through images and interactive content vs 5000 characters. Not only is this aesthetically pleasing visually, but contributes to an increase in conversion rates.

In an evolving marketplace like Amazon, hijackers and counterfeiters come and go and as sellers you need to do everything in your power to protect your brand. Amazon Brand Registry should be a must have for any brand planning for long term success. It’s very easy for other sellers to misrepresent your brand and it offer protection and piece of minds

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