FBA Amazon Sellers Should Do This Everyday

///FBA Amazon Sellers Should Do This Everyday

FBA Amazon Sellers Should Do This Everyday

There are a lot of reports that you are able to generate from Amazon Seller Central. As a new amazon seller you don’t have to go over all these reports everyday. There are some important reports and numbers that you want to keep an eye on everyday.

To get a general idea of how account is doing, go to Reports -> Business reports. You can see everything here from Sales snapshot. It gives you a general idea of revenue and how many units sold for the day.

Next step – Go to Sales and traffic under Business Reports by date. Scroll down to the bottom and you will be able to see detailed numbers from most recent days.

amazon sellercentral sales report

Amazon Seller Central sales report

Take a look at the graph at the top to see if there is any significant change in total order items (in orange color) and sessions (in blue color). In the example screen shot above, there is a decline for both total order items and sessions in last couple days. If conversation rate (order item session percentage) doesn’t change, the decline might be because of that some of your products are out of stock or you may have lost buy box for your listing. If conversation rate also drops, you might want to take a look at your listings to see other possibilities, such as:

  • New negative reviews that have dragged your average review below 4 star
  • Your competitor lowered the price for their products
  • Your competitor’s listing appears on your listing in “Sponsored products related to this item” and “Customers who bought this item also bought” and they might have better reviews and lower price
  • Someone creates and sells their listing against your ASIN and wins the buy box on your listing.

Next step you will want to go over all your listings and your competitor’s listings to see if you need to price your product competitively depending on your product. You also want to keep an eye on product reviews and account feedback. Even though there is nothing you can do with negative reviews these days you still want to know how your products actually performs. Product review are a great measurement to test your products quality.

If you are getting a lot of negative reviews there is no panic needed. You can lower your price and sell out remaining inventory. Just like I emphasized before getting a few negative reviews isn’t the end of the world. In another sense it proves that there is a demand for your product. You should be consistently analyzing all the reviews and have a plan about how to re-design or upgrade your product with factory.

A lot of customers don’t understand the difference between product review and seller feedback. Often times, they leave reviews about a product as a seller feedback. When you see negative seller feedback about a product you are selling, before contacting customer service to remove it – do the following: Contact the customer first and resolve their problem. Doing so can potentially help avoid a negative product review, while you going above and beyond the customers expectation can lead to an additional five star reviews.

Lastly, check your FBA inventories to make sure you always have enough but not too many inventories in stock where it costs you Long Term Storage Fees.

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